28/09/2010 08:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Choose 'All Boy' Prep Schools Over 'Macho' Mixed Primaries

Figures released today have revealed a surge in admissions to all-boy prep schools as parents shun mixed-sex education.

The report, from IAPS (the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) claimed 29% of boys' schools showed strong growth in numbers this year.
The chief executive of IAPS, David Hanson, said 'In the past, the received wisdom was this, that parents want boys to be in co-ed schools because it's civilising, and parents want the girls to be in single-sex schools because then girls can achieve without boys slowing them down and being disruptive. This was received parental wisdom.

'What we see in the data now is the polar opposite - parents saying actually I think I want my boy to be in a single-sex school because I feel he will do better there, but I would probably like my daughter to be in a co-ed school.'

Headteachers' leaders said the findings could be down to parents' increased concern over the 'macho culture' of mixed sex schools, where youngsters consider it 'cool to be a fool.'

They added that parents feel their sons are more likely to develop into 'fully rounded' young men from a single-sex education, compared with being 'half a boy' at some co-educational schools.

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