05/10/2010 12:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Marks &Amp; Spencer To Reveal Bodymax Male-Enhancement Underwear

Marks and Spencer Bodymax Frontal Enhancement Pant before and after

The Bodymax Frontal Enhancement Pant: before and after. Photos courtesy of Marks & Spencer

Ladies, take a closer look: That guy you have your eye on might not exactly be the complete package - especially if he's wearing crotch-enhancing underwear from Marks & Spencer.

The retailer is reportedly set to debut two new styles of Bodymax body-shaping underwear for men on October 15: one that provides a boost to the bum, the other with a wee bit of extra bunting in the bulge.

The posterior picker uppers, which sell for £15, use seam-free tailoring to raise the rear by a fifth, while a pair of fluffed-up frontals, which include a "shelf" that provides a 38% enhancement, will cost £10.

And the look on your face when he drops his trousers and reveals he's not all he's cracked up to be? Priceless.

M&S, which already carries a line of Bodymax belly-flattening shirts, claims to have a waiting list of men who are eager to get into their underpants, which will be sold at 10 Marks & Spencer stores.

And for the men who aren't brave enough to admit their shortcomings in public: The underwear can also be be purchased on the Marks & Spencer website.