06/10/2010 07:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Prime Minister Cameron Leaves Conservative Party Conference For 'Daddy Time'

After spending the day announcing dramatic cuts to child benefit, David Cameron took time out yesterday for a bit of daddy time – and a photo opportunity.

He posed for pictures as he collected his wife and baby daughter from Birmingham Moor Street train station and took them to their hotel.

He admitted earlier yesterday that he couldn't wait to see his new daughter again – after saying on ITV1's Daybreak show that he had been 'miserable' without her.

He told the show: 'I have obviously had three miserable nights here on my own without baby Florence crying in my ear and I miss her like mad... I can't wait to see her, because I expect even in three days she has probably changed a bit.' Baby Florence is now six weeks old.

Dressed in an open necked white shirt and black sweater, Mr Cameron smiled for photographers as he posed next to his wife, dressed in an on-trend camel coat.