12/10/2010 11:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Bus That's Also A Classroom

A hard-up school has bought a bus to use as a classroom after a planned extension proved to be beyond their budget.

Parc Eglos School in Cornwall bid for the yellow 1983 Leyland Titan on eBay and will use it for science and cookery lessons.

Headteacher Brett Dye had planned a classroom extension for the school, but could not raise the £15,000 needed. After browsing on eBay, he came up with idea of using a double decker bus instead.

Mr Dye travelled to Lancashire to collect the bus, which he won with a bid of £3,500, and drove it back - some 400 miles - to Cornwall.

He said the school's pupils will now be involved in decorating the new 'classrooms'.

He told reporters: 'A classroom extension would have cost £15,000 or more which was just not going to be possible. Here we have found as creative solution that keeps the cost down while inspiring the children with a fun and unusual learning environment. It's good to inspire the children, be imaginative and very resourceful. It's a lot cheaper to have a bus, and I just thought it would be a wonderful thing for the school. I had the idea of using a bus during the summer holidays, but I had to wait until this term to see if the PTA would back it. When we decided to go for it, I spotted the advert for this bus on eBay for a reasonable price and bought it.'

Health and safety officials have approved the bus for pupil's use.

What do you think?
A fun learning environment for children, or the reality of the lack of funds for the education system?