14/10/2010 14:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Supermodel Lily Cole Dyes Her Trademark Red Hair Brown

Lily Cole brunette Rex features

Supermodel Lily Cole has dyed her signature flame red hair dark brown. The 22-year-old was snapped with her new brunette locks peeping out from under a hat after returning for the new term at Cambridge University.

Lily's trademark porcelain skin and naturally red hair caught the attention of talent scouts when she was just 14 and went on to win her major contracts with both M&S and Rimmel.

But the former redhead, who has dyed her eyebrows dark brown to match her new tresses, looked barely recognisable as she was spotted out and about in Cambridge.

With a bright orange hat pulled down to conceal her new look, we can't help wondering if the model student is missing her fiery mane as much as we are.

Lily confessed recently that she was teased as a child for having red hair: "When I was younger I definitely did face anti-ginger prejudice. As a child all teasing hurts, whether it's because you're fat or a different race or have red hair."

Lily, who is studying History of Art has reluctantly left her American boyfriend behind to return for her third year at Cambridge University.

But while Lily is clearly browned off with being a redhead, Nicola Roberts can't get enough of it. The Girls Aloud star was spotted out in London this week with nearly neon orange hair extensions.

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Redhead v brunette: What do you think of Lily's new look?

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