26/10/2010 11:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Wellwishers Donate A New Garden For Boy, 4, With Rare Disease

Four-year old Harley Noble has a rare condition which means that he has never been able to go in his garden without being sick.

But the energetic youngster can now enjoy and playing on the lawn with his sister, thanks to a generous donation.

Harley, from north Wales, suffers from extreme texture sensitivity, known as schizencephaly, which means he is physically sick if he touches a single blade of grass. He suffers a similar reaction to fluff, hair and Play-Do.

When they heard about his condition, artificial turf specialist Hi-techturf and North Wales building supplies outlet Thorncliffe joined forces to provide a fake grass lawn so that Harley can play outside.
His mother Christina Lace, 24, told the Daily Mail: 'He's never been able to play outside on grass. But now he's got artificial turf he's absolutely loving it.

'He loves the rough and tumble of playing with his sister Lily, who is three. And being able crawl around on it and whizz round the garden in his powered wheelchair.'

Harley can't walk or talk, but is doing 'really well' at a mainstream school, and uses a touchscreen computer to communicate.

Christina said: 'When he was about a year old and a girl put a few blades of grass on the tray of his buggy. He pulled a face, dribbled and then he was physically sick.

'This texture sensitivity is associated with cerebral palsy, but Harley's consultants say they've never seen a reaction as extreme as this.

'The form of cerebral palsy he has is extremely rare. Only 70 people in the world have it and there is Type 1 band Type 2. Harley has both. We've not found anybody else who has both types.'

Christina and partner Jonathan Noble, 25, are delighted with their new garden, and the new lease of life it's given Harley.

'We got a sample of the artificial turf and tried him out with it to make sure he didn't have the same reaction he had to real grass,' said Christina.

'He was absolutely fine with it. It looks like real grass but it doesn't feel like it. Before, he couldn't even use his wheelchair in the garden because the grass would brush against his feet or his legs and that would make him sick.'

'It made it a real headache because Harley is a very lively four-year-old, despite his disability.'

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