01/11/2010 13:29 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hot Or Not: Rihanna's Oversized Hair Accessories

Extreme accessorising. Photos: PA Photos, Rex features

Rihanna well and truly stole the limelight this weekend, performing on Saturday Night Live and then reappearing the following evening for Sunday's X Factor results show.

But we're not sure which was the highlight - the stellar performances of her new single, Only Girl (In the World), the onstage food fight with her backing dancers on X Factor... or those hair accessories.

Donning a huge red bow to match her scarlett dress and locks on Saturday Night Live and a huge carnival-like floral headpiece to complement her corsage on X Factor, RiRi certainly knows how to take a beauty trend to the extreme.

What do you think of the singer's mega-accessories? Which hair accessory do you prefer?

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Check out RiRi's X Factor performance below...