03/11/2010 16:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Autistic Boy Put In 'Cage' At Playtime

This is the 'cage' a severely autistic boy was put in during playtime at a school in Stornoway.

The boy's parents had raised £500 towards the cost of an outdoor facility for their 18-year-old son to keep him safe whilst at the Nicolson Institute in the Western Isles. They expected the area to be kitted out with decking and play equipment but instead, to their shock and horror, found a metal pen with a bolted wooden door.

The Western Isles Council has since apologised to his family

The council said it had now removed the structure, and agreed it was ''entirely inappropriate'. It said a 'mix-up with suppliers' had led to it being provided.

Speaking exclusively to Parentdish, Robert Moffat, Director of National Autistic Society Scotland condemned the 'pen' and spoke of the importance of youngsters having access to the right facilities: 'Having the appropriate support at school is hugely important, and the wrong type of facilities can dramatically impact on a young person's ability to learn and play a full part in school life. Before spending money on specific facilities, it is therefore important that schools and local authorities to seek advice and consult with students and parents to ensure that new facilities are suitable.'

The founder of the Autism Trust, Polley Tommey told the Daily Mail that she was sickened by the photos she had seen of the facility, saying: 'What kind of person builds a cage for another person to be in? No child - with or without learning difficulties - should be caged.'

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