03/11/2010 12:31 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Charlotte Church Embraces Her Curves Again

Charlotte Church flaunts her curves. Photo: Glamour magazine

We're pleased to see Charlotte Church back in fine form as she flaunts her curves in a photo shoot for this month's Glamour magazine. And we just love it when a celebrity celebrates her curves.

Like Kelly Osbourne, the singer went from curvaceous to super-svelte this year following a split with her fiancé – in this case rugby star, Gavin Henson.

But Charlotte has admitted that she missed her curves and is keen to deny that she actively pursued a size zero figure. She told the magazine:

"People talk about my 'reinvention'. In fact, I'd had two kids and quite fancied looking the way I did before. So I ate half what I was eating before and ran around after two crazy toddlers. That was it. I didn't go on a sushi diet and I didn't exercise."

That's not to say the 24-year-old didn't enjoy her moment as a svelte star in the limelight though. When asked about her appearance on Over the Rainbow, in March, in that Moschino dress, she confesses:

"I'll tell you what it felt like – amazing. I'd got so small that everything I put on looked incredible. I was 8st 2lbs then, but now, even though I've gone up to 9st, I feel much better. I'd lost my boobs and my bum and missed them."

But clearly none of that has gone to Ms Church's head and she refuses to let her image rule her life.

"Today, there was a paparazzo waiting outside the studio and I had puffy eyes and no makeup on, but hey, that's the way everybody looks in the morning. And I've got better things to do than waste an hour doing my face and picking out a bombastic outfit to wear for the photographers."

Refusing to follow the same path as other celebrities in her position, Charlotte keeps her feet firmly on the ground:

"I say no to almost everything. Michelle Mone asked me to be the face of Ultimo lingerie, but I'm such tabloid fodder that to do a perfume or my own bras would just encourage people to forget what I'm about. Plus, I don't like the idea of getting my kit off. That should be reserved for someone special."

And that "someone special" must be feeling pretty good right now. Charlotte's new love interest – a singer-songwriter who used to work behind the bar in her local pub – has co-written her forthcoming album. The pair will be heading to the US next year to launch it.

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