04/11/2010 16:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Video Exclusive: Peter Lux Creates A Retro-Glam Updo

This season's hottest updos take their inspiration from the classic glamour of past decades so we caught up with Peter Lux, top stylist and Creative Director of Head & Shoulders, to ask him for advice on classic styling techniques.

See him create a 20s inspired updo in this exclusive video with advice on how to care for your scalp. Then scroll down to read more of Peter's styling tricks in our interview.

We saw a lot of messy 'undone' updos on the autumn/winter catwalks. How can we create updos that are 'mussed-up' but not messy?
My top tip is to take a side parting and loosely gather hair on one side of the nape and tie into a ponytail. Next, create a fluffy plait and secure the ends with a small band. Now is the right time for the 'mussed-up' part. Carefully rub the plait between your fingers, roughing up the texture slightly and occasionally pulling out a thin strand.

Once you have done that wrap the plait into a bun around it's own base in the nape and secure with a few pins and grips, ensuring you can see the created bun from the front. Pull out a few strands around the face to soften the look and you are good to go.

Do you have any tips for keeping an updo in place?
To make an updo last longer it's important to do some good prep-work, I always make sure your hair and scalp are flake-free. Tong your hair slightly with some medium size curling tongs as this will give the hair great hold – making it so much easier to put it up.

The updo in the video was 20s inspired. There seems to be a big resurgence in old-school glamour. Do you have any other tricks for creating simple styles with 'classic glamour'?
Another vintage inspired look that is very now is soft 40s waves. Make sure you start with fresh and clean hair that is flake-free – I recommend trying new Head & Shoulders scalp care collection.

Create a low, straight side parting, then take big even sections and wrap hair around a medium sized curling tong in a forward motion. Secure each section with a grip at the base to hold the curl in place before you move on to the next section.

Do this over your entire head and once you finished, leave for 10 minutes to cool then take out the pins and brush out with a cushion brush. Follow the brush with your free hand, ensuring you preserve a neat parting. Brush and twist hair into place and use a bit of hairspray to secure the look.

When it comes to experimenting with updos, what are the essential items you need in your tool kit?

You need a small cushion brush, pintail comb, snag-free elastic bands, pins and grips and a medium size pair of tongs
Do you have any good tips on how to wear this season's hair accessories?

If you want to wear a headband in a more fashionable way get a few of the same one. It looks great to wear them double or even triple, another beautiful accessory is a vintage looking comb that you can push into the base of a soft updo like the side bun.

Finally, do you have any tips for winter haircare?
Head & Shoulders have recently launched the Scalp Care Collection, which is designed to not only tackle dandruff but also care for the scalp issues that affect most people, such as an Itchy, dry or sensitive scalp.

The Itchy Scalp Care Range from the Scalp Care Collection is the ideal product to take care of your scalp and hair, especially in those cold winter months when the air inside and outside is particularly dry which can cause itchiness. Enriched with eucalyptus it's got a slight refreshing effect and it smells gorgeous too.

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