08/11/2010 17:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Carey Mulligan: How To Grow Out A Crop (Step Four)

Carey Mulligan debuts the 'fake updo'. Photo: PA Photos

Carey Mulligan demonstrated yet another cunning way to grow out a crop gracefully, at the AFI Young Hollywood Roundtable event last night.

With the help of a few strategically placed pins, the Oscar-nominated actress debuted what the MyDaily beauty team has coined as the 'fake updo'.

Although we were initially disappointed to hear that Carey never liked her pixie crop, we have been marvelling ever since at the innovative styling tricks the star has been using to grow out her locks in style.

First there was 'cute and choppy', then 'the quirky braid', next up, the eye-skimming fringe and now the 'fake updo'.

Recently Ms Mulligan was crowned Best Dressed Woman of the Year by Harper's Bazaar magazine. But here at MyDaily we'd like to give her the award for the Most Stylish Way to Grow Out a Crop.

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