11/11/2010 13:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Amazing Toe Surgery On Baby

A baby has had plastic surgery to remove the giant toe he was born with.

His parents were told his foot should be amputated, but they eventually found a hospital willing to operate.

The baby boy, 14-month-old Xiao Ming from China's Zhejiang Province, is a twin. While his brother was born with normal feet Xiao was born with deformed toes, which fused together to create one large digit.

"He couldn't wear shoes, and we put socks on him to cover his weird foot," said his mother Li Rongrong.

Nearly every hospital Li consulted with advised amputation but, she says: "We didn't want to take that option, as it would have caused great trouble to the kid and make him disabled."

Finally the family were offered an alternative treatment plan from Yu Huang Ding Hospital and Xiao underwent plastic surgery to separate his toes. Thankfully the surgery has been a success and he can look forward to a future running round with his twin.