16/11/2010 10:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Outrage As Toy Shop Removes Pig From Playset To Avoided Upsetting Muslims And Jews

High street toy retailer, the Early Centre, has caused outrage after pulling a toy pig from a kids' farm playset - in case it offended Muslims or Jews, according to the Daily Mail.

The removal of the tiny figure - which was part of the HappyLand GooseFeather Farm kit came to light after one mum complained that her daughter's set - a gift for her first birthday - was missing its pig.

ELC's customer care department informed her the pig had been removed for 'religious reasons'.

In an email to the fuming mum - who has been identified only as Caroline - the store's spokesperson said: 'Previously the pig was part of the Goosefeather Farm. However due to customer feedback and religious reasons this is no longer part of the farm.'

Caroline yesterday accused the ELC of completely over-reacting, telling reporters: 'This is political correctness gone loopy. Surely if someone has an issue with a toy, they don't buy it.'

Similarly outraged mums, including Muslims, agreed with her. Writing on a parenting website, one, identified as 'Safiyyah' said: 'I'm Muslim and it doesn't bother me. It's just another animal. What are the store going to do next? Ban the Peppa Pig cartoon? Stop selling books with pigs in? This is a multi-cultural country.'

Another mum, also a Muslim, added: 'If you don't want your kid playing with a pig toy, simply throw it in the bin. Other kids should not have to suffer.'

What do you think?

Is the Early Learning Centre right to remove the pig?

Or is this political correctness gone mad?