19/11/2010 07:41 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mums Reversed Over 6-Year-Old Son In Fatal Accident

Mum reversed over son Edan Cakmak A mother reversed over her son during the morning school run.

The distraught mum is being looked after by relatives and police counsellors after she accidently reversed over her son and killed him.

It is thought that six-year-old Edan Cakmak, who was a twin, fell from the family car and his mother, Gail, reversed over him.

The little boy was rushed to hospital but died shortly after.

The tragedy happened in St Mark Street, Shettleston, Glasgow, at around 9am on Tuesday morning. The youngster was on his way to Wellshot Primary School with his twin brother and older siblings.

Speaking to the Daily Record, a neighbour said: 'When I think about it, I'm moved to tears. I saw the aftermath, with the police in the street and the road sealed off. When I found out what had happened I was devastated. I still am. All of the children are lovely and well looked after. When I think of it I well up again. I'm so sorry for her.'

Edan's headteacher, Jennifer McCluskey said: 'The school is devastated by this tragic news and our thoughts are with the family at this sad time. Support is being offered to staff and children at the school.'

The family released a statement through Strathclyde Police, saying: 'We are deeply shocked with the tragic loss of our little angel Edan. He was a darling little boy and he was loved by everyone.'

Police enquiries are under way to establish the full circumstances of the incident.

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