19/11/2010 09:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Three-Year-Old Falls 100 Feet Down A Well And Survives

Three year old toddler rescued from abandoned well A three-year-old girl has fallen 100 feet down a well and miraculously survived.

Vanessa Mamani stumbled into the well, which was hidden by bushes, and was trapped for eight hours.

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Over 200 rescue workers rushed to the scene in Pilares, Argentina, but the 14-inch wide shaft was too narrow for rescuers to enter. Instead, a harness was dropped in, and instructions shouted to the toddler, who managed to fix the straps around her chest.

Cristina Kirchner, the Argentinian president said: 'It was a miracle. She got out and screamed as if she had just been born.'

Vanessa, trapped Vanessa was rushed to hospital in Florencio Varela suffering from shock and minor cuts and bruises but was said to be 'doing fine'.

Television viewers across Argentina watched every stage of the rescue after a small camera linked to a fibre optic cable was attached to the harness. They witnessed the moment the tot's eight-hour ordeal reached its climax when Vanessa clutched the harness and placed it around her chest.

The chief rescue operator shouted: 'Come on, come on! We made it! We made it!' as the little girl emerged from the shaft.