26/11/2010 21:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Mum Thrown Off Bus After Toddler Daughter Cries

A pregnant mother claims she was thrown off a bus by an irate driver after her two-year-old daughter had a screaming fit.

Claire Mangnall, 23, of Allenton, Derbyshire, says she was left 'distressed and disgusted' after being ordered off the Arriva bus last week.

Claire, who is 13 weeks pregnant, said she then had to endure a half an hour walk home with her crying toddler. She told reporters:

'I could not stop crying when I got home. Sophie was crying because she didn't have her dummy so I was trying to calm her down. The driver turned around and told me I had to get off because we were disturbing the other passengers.'

An Arriva spokesperson confirmed an incident had occurred on the bus, but denied Claire was ordered off. In a statement, he said:

'The driver insists that she did not ask the mother to leave but actually tried to persuade the mother to return to her seat and complete the journey. The driver is a mother herself and felt it was her duty to other passengers travelling on the bus to try to intervene and resolve the situation.'

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