02/12/2010 13:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Delivers Baby After Couple Stuck In Traffic Jam

CCTV dad delivers baby It's every expectant couple's nightmare: getting stuck in a traffic jam when you're in labour.

But mum-to-be Helen Osborne had no choice but to give birth in the passenger seat of her car when she and her husband got caught out on a busy ring road on a Saturday afternoon.

And the whole thing was caught on CCTV.

The car immediately behind the Land Rover (pictured) is carrying Helen, who was being rushed to hospital in the latter stages of labour by her partner Richard Sullivan.

The couple was convinced they could make the five-minute drive to Leicester Royal Infirmary in time for the arrival ... until they ran into heavy traffic en route.

With a little help from a passing motorist, Richard managed to deliver his baby daughter.

Photos captured on camera show Richard pulling over in the couple's Peugeot and running around the car looking flustered.

Minutes later, Helen, 29, a nursery nurse, gave birth to 8lb 2oz Rosie and the family was then given a police escort to the hospital.

CCTV operators who watched the drama unfold were so fascinated by the spectacle that they tracked down the couple to give them a copy of the footage as a souvenir.

dad delivers baby Speaking in the Daily Mirror, Richard, an engineer from Leicester, said: 'It has to be the ultimate birth video and one which we'll treasure forever. We're going to give it to Rosie on her 18th birthday. It'll be something she can show her own kids one day.'

In the footage, from November 20, a motorist in a silver Land Rover is seen pulling in front of the couple's car and lending Mr Sullivan his phone.

The father-to-be called 999 and was talked through how to deliver the baby.

By then a passing off-duty police officer and a police patrol car had arrived to help direct cars past the vehicle. Motorists are shown slowing down to look into the car as they drive inches away from it.

Helen, who also has a two-year-old daughter Abigail, said: 'When we set off from home we really thought we would make it. But then I shouted to Richard that the head was coming out and it was all up to him. He did brilliantly.

'I do remember saying "I'm not going to have any dignity, am I?" because the cars were going past very slowly and people were having a good old look.'

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