15/12/2010 11:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Police Handed 18-Month-Old Baby Over To A Stranger

Audrey Nyanor An investigation has found multiple failings on the part of police officers who handed an 18-month-old baby over to a stranger after her mother was arrested.

Audrey Nyanor was removed from Walworth police station by Ania Mulange, 31, who police believed to be related to the child.

Audrey's mother, Cynthia Boakye, 36, had been arrested over alleged immigration offences.

A hunt was launched for the tot an hour after Mulange took her and police realised their mistake. They were eventually found in Harlesden High Street three days later after police launched an appeal and a member of the public recognised them.

Mulange was detained under the Mental Health Act.

The events happened in December, 2009.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has told five officers involved to attend misconduct meetings.

The IPCC commissioner for London Deborah Glass said: 'When Cynthia Boakye found herself in police custody she had every reason to expect her baby would be safe. Yet officers at Walworth police station handed over her child to another woman with whom she had no connection whatsoever.'

'This resulted in immense distress to Cynthia Boakye, who had to endure three days of the worst anxiety a mother can experience, before her baby was found.'

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