23/12/2010 15:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Our First Family Christmas

Couple celebrating Christmas on the beach UK readers' dream gift might well be warmer Australian-style weather this Christmas! Photo: Getty

Ethan might be too young to understand what's going on, but Kris and I are so looking forward to his first Christmas. It's all about getting the family together and he's in for a hectic time because everyone's going to want a hold. Luckily he's cool with being passed around because he's got a packed Christmas Day dance card.

He's too young to know who Santa is yet. I was over at my friends' for a barbeque the other night and they were talking about the things they leave out for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve. That's not something we ever did in my family but I think when Ethan gets a little bit older we're going to have to start that tradition... My contribution will be a cup cake; Kris' will be a beer.

I haven't bought anything for Ethan yet and I joke with Mum that I'm just going to wrap up an empty box because all babies love is the ripping, crunchy sound of the wrapping paper and climbing into the box once the toy is out of it. It doesn't matter how gorgeous the present, all they really want is the box!

My best Christmas ever was when I was five and got my first bike. It had streamers on the handles and a little basket on the front. When I was writing My Story this year I was going over all the details with my Dad. I had no idea it was actually my brother's old bike my Dad had repainted and reconditioned because they couldn't go out and buy a new one. As far as I was concerned I was it-and-a-bit with my new bike and it was fabulous.

Dad and I had such a big laugh remembering how we all went into the garage and there was a sheet over it and whoooosh, it was unveiled. I was a bit of a tomboy back then so having my own set of wheels was the best.

I wasn't that into girly stuff and dolls. I did have a Baby Alive though and I sometimes look at Ethan and think: you're just like a Baby Alive – the food goes in one end and comes straight out the other end!!!

As I lay back after a huge Christmas lunch and dinner, I'd love to hear about your most memorable childhood Christmases, and your best Christmas gifts of all time...

Here's ho-ho-hoping this is the best Christmas for you! Dx