24/12/2010 14:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How To Soothe That Stuffed-Too-Much-At-Christmas Feeling

Too many chocolates could leave you feeling nauseated Too many Chocolate truffles could leave you feeling nauseated. Photo: Flickr, Ana-Fuji

Unless you're preparing to go on a fruit fast this Christmas Day, chances are like everyone else you'll stuff yourself silly. Surveys suggest that, on average, we chomp our way through as many as 6,000 calories on Christmas Day alone. So no wonder some of us feel bloated and nauseated for the rest of the holidays.

And it's not just the many symptoms of indigestion that Christmas overindulgence leaves us with. According to the British Dietetic Association, the average person gains 5lb in weight over the Christmas period. Though many traditional foods are not to blame (turkey, for instance, is actually rather good for us), it's the snacking, second helpings and the drinking that pile on the pounds.

While we'd like to think that MyDaily users will follow our Christmas pre-tox advice, there will be the inevitable casualties of the too-many-chocolate-Brazils variety. So here's our advice on how to feel normal again.

Stock up on antacids For indigestion symptoms including heartburn and an unsettled stomach, antacids based on magnesium and aluminium salts, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate work fast and effectively by neutralising stomach acid. Make sure you have a couple of packets in your medicine cabinet so they're handy when you need them (buy them from pharmacies).

Soothe the burn Remedies that contain substances called alginates form a protective layer on the top of your stomach, which stops any acid from rising and producing that nasty sensation of heartburn. Also available from pharmacies.

Go natural There are herbal and homeopathic remedies for indigestion too. Or you could try charcoal tablets if you suffer from indigestion symptoms such as hyperacidity and wind.

Have a cuppa If you feel windy and bloated, a cup of parsley or peppermint tea could help. Alternatively have a salad with watercress, cucumber and carrots, or swap a mince pie for a tub of live yoghurt (the 'friendly' bacteria will help reduce the number of gas-producing 'bad' bacteria).

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