27/12/2010 18:21 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Posh Is Fattening Herself Up To Have A Baby

Victoria Beckham is apparently trying to fatten herself up to increase her chances of having another baby.

She and her football star husband David are reportedly "desperate" for a little girl to add to their three sons.

However the Sun says doctors have told the stick-thin former singer that her regular diet of steamed fish and vegetables and, er, presumably, fresh air, is not going to help in her bid to get pregnant.

So she's ditched the carrots and spinach and is getting stuck into the carbs, eating pasta, potato and rice dishes and brown bread.

If she really wants to put on weight, she should try the pizza-and-chips diet. Always works for me.

But no, apparently that's a step too far. A family friend told the Sun: "She draws the line at junk food." Well, if you will do it the hard way...

Posh, 35, reportedly got seriously broody after her sister Louise, 31, got pregnant - and her last scan showed she is expecting a daughter.

The family friend told the Sun: "It's no secret Victoria and David want a little girl. After Louise said she was having a daughter it has driven Vic even more to prepare for pregnancy.

"She's been told by docs her diet, though healthy, would not give her the best chance of conceiving, particularly in her 30s.

"Instead she has been advised to eat a lot more carbs and fatten up. She has agreed and David is over the moon. They will try for another child after the World Cup."

Becks, 34, currently has an Achilles tendon injury which has put him out of the World Cup, but he will still be travelling to South Africa with the England squad.

In the meantime he is taking Posh and their sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, seven, and Cruz, five, on an Easter break and is also considering whether to return from the US to live in their Hertfordshire mansion.

That would be ideal if they want to add to their family - although let's face it, it might be a while before Posh has chubbed up enough to conceive...

Source: The Sun