27/12/2010 18:20 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Suri Cruise Spotted Drinking From A Baby Bottle

Suri Cruise is in trouble with the tabloids again - she's been spotted swigging from a baby bottle, at the age of NEARLY FOUR.

Apparently this look doesn't go well with the handbags and high heels. So she's in bother for crimes against fashion as well as failing to act her age.

The daughter of Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who will be four years old on April 18, obviously ought to know better.

She was seen sucking on the baby bottle last week when visiting the Manhattan set of Holmes' new film "Son of No One".

I'm assuming it wasn't vodka or meths she was drinking but from the reaction it might as well have been.

The Cruises were criticised back in 2008 when Suri was photographed carrying a bottle aged two - so you can imagine the reaction now it emerges that the little girl hasn't kicked the habit yet.

Yes, it's recommended that children should stop using baby bottles by about a year old, or they risk developing issues such as tooth decay or developing an overbite.

But lots of children don't take to cups easily and to be fair it's probably the least of Suri's problems.

Yes, it's not ideal but the high heels and handbags are a lot more disturbing.

The poor kid's probably just trying to hang on to a piece of her childhood before it disappears completely.

Just think of the fuss there'll be in a couple of years when it emerges she still sleeps with a snuggly blanket...

Did you have trouble getting your children off the bottle? Do you think the Cruises and Suri should be criticised for this?

Source: Daily News