27/12/2010 13:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Survey Reveals Working Mums Are Non-Stop Dynamos

New research into the lives of Britain's working mums has revealed that many spend an average of three hours on the go before they even get to work

The study, for Hovis Wholemeal Breakfast Week, questioned 1,000 mums working outside the home about their morning routine. It found them engaged in thrilling tasks including ironing, making the bed and styling their children's hair.

Sixty percent of women of women said that their day is well under way by 7am, and rarely slows until they go to bed just before 11pm. But the good news is that we're using around 500 calories simply by doing these pre-work chores and getting the family ready – the equivalent to over one hour on a bicycle. Frankly, I'd rather be on a bike.

The survey did not reveal what working dads get up to in the morning, or indeed why so many women seem to revert to 50's housewife mode at such an ungodly hour. Just who are these women, ironing away at 7am? If I'm feel especially reckless I might empty the dishwasher in the morning, but frankly, if it's not ironed by then, it's not going to be.

Unfortunately, despite their action-packed schedules, a quarter of working mums (25 of those that eat it, spend less than five minutes doing so and 32) cite a lack of time as a reason to skip breakfast, whilst almost one in seven say they do so to lose weight. But despite many missing breakfast themselves, British mums are spending an average of 18 minutes preparing breakfast or lunch for their families before work. On average, working mothers spend only six minutes on their own make-up in the morning, in contrast to 28 minutes spent dressing their children, styling their hair and helping them to clean their teeth.

What are your mornings like? Do you do housework before going to work? Do you make time to have breakfast? Leave a comment and confess all

Source [Hovis]