27/12/2010 17:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

What's New This Week: Beautiful, Cool And Celebrity-Endorsed

Welcome to our regular Monday round-up of the good, the beautiful and the useful for families.

For toddlers
TV presenter and mum Emma Willis has endorsed a new range of toys. Whilst Emma has been busy presenting Big Brother's Little Brother, her 14-month-old daughter Isabelle has been road testing the JoJo infant range

This is an interactive range of toys, which talks to your child as they play. JoJo Hide and Seek covers his bunny ears and counts to three while your child hides, so it's a mixture of traditional games and electronic know-how. With JoJo Follow Me, your child puts on a carrot wristband and the toy follows them round the room.JoJo toys are suitable for children aged 12 months plus and range in price from RRP £12.99 to £39.99. You'll find them at Argos, Toys 'R' Us and Amazon

For babies and children who won't sleep
When your child won't sleep, most parents would do anything for a decent night's rest, but I bet you never tried this one.

Cire Trudon is a French candle company dating back to 1643, and they've just launched a series of scented fairytales. The idea is that you spray the lovely fragrance and light the scented candle whilst reading the accompanying fairy tale to your child. The stories and scents are designed to work together, so for Little Red Riding Hood you get woody notes reminiscent of the forest.

Priced at £55 it's not cheap, but it's so gorgeous and would make a lovely, unusual christening gift. Or indeed a gift for yourself if a non-sleeping child is driving you batty. It comes in a special box with a scented candle, room spray and illustrated fairy tale. Cire Trudon Contes de Noel is available at Selfridges, Liberty, Harrods or online here.

For children with food allergies and intolerences
It can be a challenge filling a school lunch box if your child has food allergies. Here's a new range just released specially for children with allergies and anyone looking for a healthy lunch box alternative.

Hale & Hearty is a range of wheat and gluten free foods. Most of the range is organic, and it's all free from artificial additives and preservatives. It was developed by parents who were looking for something new for their wheat intolerant daughter. Main ingredients include brown rice flour, buckwheat and quinoa.

For snacktime, there are crunchy Mini Breadsticks, or for an after school treat there's a chocolate cake mix which you just need to add eggs and butter to. The range also includes falafel, flapjacks and crisps made with cassava which really do taste like ordinary crisps - my children tried them and couldn't tell that it was a healthier alternative

The Hale & Hearty Range is available now at all the major supermarkets and some independent health food stores, prices start at £1.49.

For stylish book fans
We've told you about Anorak Magazines before - they're the cool, retro styled magazines with a blend of fun, entertainment and learning (and a tiny pinch of madness). Now the company has branched out into books, with the launch of The Anorak Press.

First release is a series of mini colouring coloring books, and an activity book (one of the pages is pictured here), with more titles to follow. The pages have been specially designed by a range of artists. If you had a 1970's childhood, these books will really take you back. You can check out the range here.

For children aged 4 and over. Colouring books are £2.80 and the Happy Activity Book is £3.50.