21/01/2011 15:46 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Royal Engagement Gloves: Winter Warmer And Wedding Souvenir

Kate and Wills gloves. Courtesy Donna Wilson

Ok, so you've forgiven Prince William for not proposing to you. You've also come around to the idea that Kate Middleton (while not you) is actually very pretty and stylish and down-to-earth-seeming. So you want to a little royal engagement souvenir to celebrate the big event, but crockery with unflattering images of the future King and Queen simply won't do. We think we've found the solution.

Knitter extraordinaire Donna Wilson has come up with a witty royal wedding souvenir: Kate and Wills gloves. The camel gloves are made of 100 percent lambswool and are emblazoned with the name "Kate" on the left hand and "Wills" on the right. A final adorable touch is a knitted blue engagement ring on the left hand (sadly, it's not a sapphire).

Not only will these winter warmers make a cute souvenir for yourself or a friend (they cost £35), but they can actually keep you cosy as well.