25/01/2011 07:22 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Middleton Gets Her Own Nail Polish Shade

Kate Middleton Prince William Getty Images

Kate Middleton's got her something blue!

Come spring, the princess bride could be polishing her royal nails with No More Waity, Katie, a glittery new shade of grey-blue nail varnish cheekily named in her honour.

Butter LONDON, a line of nontoxic nail polishes based in Seattle, has announced its special-edition royal-wedding-themed shade.

The varnish will be available for online preorders in March on Perfect timing for the 29 April's "it" bride to slip on a little something blue for her prenuptial pedicure!

Inspired by the pre-engagement nickname Prince William's long-devoted girlfriend received from the press during her eight-year courtship with her college sweetheart, the polish name is a witty nod that plays on the nail-care industry's habit of giving its lacquer's tongue-in-cheek labels.

Speaking of royal hands, have you seen the cheeky Kate and Wills royal engagement gloves?