03/02/2011 14:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Three Weddings &Amp; A Blog

When we put the MyDaily team together last year, we knew what we wanted: like minded women who loved writing about fashion, beauty, interiors and travel, with no-holds barred opinions (all the better to make our Daily Debate features fly) and, of course, a great sense of style.

What we hadn't quite predicted was that when you get so many women in the same spot with the same mindset, that they'd be going through the same life stages, which this year means lots of weddings: three to be precise.

And, for no better reason than the rest of the office are sick and tired of hearing about them, we thought we'd share our ups and downs with you, lovely readers, in the shape of a new blog (blogging being something we're pretty good at, better it turns out than planning weddings).

If you're planning your own wedding and looking for advice, we would, right now, like to point you in the direction of a proper bridal publication. What you are not likely to find here are helpful tips (I think between us, we've already gone through about 25 dresses and Libby is still no closer to choosing the one she's going to wear on the day).

Future mother-in-laws, actual mothers, husbands-to-be and the like, please look away now, it's not that we don't love you (hopefully we love the latter quite a lot), but you're just getting in the way right now, more often than not the cause of our morning desk-side rants and we've decided on an honesty policy for our blogging – and we'd quite like the dresses (once we finally choose them) to be a surprise on the day for you, if not our readers.