04/02/2011 07:49 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Three Brides &Amp; A Blog

Getting married in the same month as Prince William is a bit like having a birthday on the same day as Jesus – you can't help feeling that your moment in the limelight is being somewhat overshadowed.

Even the most tenacious Bridezilla could find her own sense of self-importance shaken by such heavyweight competition.

But not me.

Being what my bridesmaids have taken to calling the Anti-Bridezilla, I don't see Miss Middleton as a threat so much as a reminder of how lucky I am.

I mean how much bigger would the list of 'not done' items on my wedding to-do list be, had I chosen to marry Wills, the second in line to the throne, instead of Dave, the data analyst/part-time rock star from Blackpool? I shudder to think.

Admittedly, Kate can probably get away with a less hands-on approach to wedding planning than your average bride-to-be. I can't imagine her, for instance, arguing the toss about font sizes with Terry from Fastprint or schlepping around every last branch of Ryman's in London in search of their elusive ivory tissue-lined A6 envelopes.

But just imagine the pressure.

The thought of my closest friends and family watching me walk down the aisle is unnerving enough (not to mention the frantic de-tagging of unsolicited Facebook snaps documenting the bride's champagne-fuelled demise). But the entire world watching you in widescreen? That's my idea of the day from hell.

But each bride to her own. The main thing is Kate and I are both getting what we want. She is marrying her Prince. I, on the other hand, was never interested in meeting a handsome prince even as a little girl. Give me a part-time rock star any day.

This week I have been mostly...

1. Buying envelopes: Five lunch-hours, five branches of Ryman's, five packs of envelopes (yes, alright, I should have gone online).

2. Arguing with lovable geezer, Terry, from Fastprint. I knew he was the man for the job when he announced, "We don't do no fancy gold lettering and pictures of bells and horseshoes and shit."

3. Feeling slightly unnerved that fellow bride-to-be and team fashionista, Libby, has been receiving designer wedding dresses via courier on a daily basis... and is still in search of perfection – and wondering if popping out to Pret to get a sandwich and returning with a wedding dress (not from Pret) was perhaps a hasty way to shop for the most important outfit of my life.