25/02/2011 13:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

LFW Frontline Reports: Cher Webb, Mac Senior Artist

Fashion week might be an endless parade of parties, paparazzi and freebies for some, but it's a different story for the people running the show. In our fashion week blogger series, industry insiders tell us what it's really like to be a part of the fashion week whirlwind...

Cher from Mac talks us through her Tuesday at London Fashion Week...

Mac facechart Mac's facechart for the Ashish show. Courtesy of Mac

Backstage at Ashish was very calm and we had all of the models makeup on in plenty of time.

The hair had been darkened at the roots with black and brown dry shampoo, we noticed it was starting to make the skin grey and dirty looking! We started trying to clean the skin when in the line up and it suddenly became overcrowded with photographers and we had no room to move. There were also 2 boys in the show. The atmosphere went from chilled to hectic in seconds.

The key was Georgina Graham. The makeup look was inspired by modern punk girls. Non made up rawness instead of a retro punk look as seen before. The collection was very colourful with tartan designs in various forms and knitwear with holes.

Firstly we prepped and massaged the skin with Mac Care Blend Essential Oils and Take Root Cream Colour Base and applied on the lids and socket area as a wash. We then buffed Cheek blush onto the eyes to set the cream texture and make it more pink. Mac Groundwork Paintpot was buffed onto the eye to look like a natural shadow rather than a colour. Mac Dipdown fluidline was used to shape the upper lash line and give definition rather than a liner look. We used a small amount of concealer on the lips. As the girls went into the line up we added clear gloss on the eye.