08/03/2011 08:40 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

My Best Boss: Katie On Phebe

Starting a new job is always a bit nerve wracking, especially when coming to terms with the fact that your student days are over and it's time to take your first step on the career ladder.

After graduating from university, I began my working life as an intern. I had little experience of being in an office, let alone working on a website. It was daunting and overwhelming to say the least, but after spending a few minutes panicking about being overdressed and working in the wrong job, I quickly got over being the new kid and survived that all important first day.

I have my first boss to thank for that. Phebe took me under her wing and made the learning the ropes stage a lot easier. I had done work experience and internships before, but for the first time, I was treated as an important member of team and I was given a lot of responsibility. Even better, it had nothing to do with filing, photocopying or making the tea. Phebe always helped me when I had a question (and I always had a lot to ask), and she taught me how to do a lot of the things I still do on a day to day basis. I worked hard, and I was a relatively fast learner, but I have come to realise that having a great teacher can have a big impact on your success in a new job. Phebe has helped me to progress to the position I am in today and thankfully, my clueless intern days are well behind me.