08/03/2011 17:07 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Posh Is Wearing Becks Out In Her Bid For A Baby

Victoria Beckham is demanding sex five times a day from her football star husband in a bid to conceive their fourth child, it has been reported.

Posh, who is apparently desperate for a baby girl, has set up a chart showing the best times to get jiggy, according to the Sun newspaper.

She has left husband David "exhausted" by her demands, claims the Sun.

Well, he's got nothing better to do now his Achilles is bust, has he? Actually, are we absolutely sure Vic had nothing to do with that injury?

Apparently she has been jumping on Becks all through their Easter break in the Caribbean.

The Sun says Golden Balls has told friends he's struggling to keep up with his wife.

It's been non-stop action but he's now recovering in Los Angeles while Victoria is on a business trip in London. However they'll be reunited on Monday when the demands will start up again.

A family friend told the Sun: "David's knackered and was relieved to get a break.

"He's not complaining. But with all the strapping on his foot just getting about is hard enough, let alone bedroom gymnastics five times a day.

"Vic is desperate to get pregnant and has a timetable for sex. From what David's said it basically means he must produce the goods whenever it's possible and be on continuous standby.

"He's exhausted and is just trying to get his energy back for Victoria's return."

Oh, the poor dear.

Meanwhile Posh, 35, has been on a high-carb diet to try to boost her chances of getting pregnant.

A personal chef made sure she got plenty of rice and potatoes during their holiday.

Sounds like Becks needs to keep his energy up too...

Source: The Sun