09/03/2011 09:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Evian Rollerskating Babies Video Is Youtube Smash Hit

Oh crikey I've just written off another hour by being glued to YouTube and emailing my friends with the news. Have you seen the new Evian roller-skating babies advert? It's the new Cadbury's drumming gorilla-style viral for sure. It's hilarious!

We wrote about it a while back, but it's STILL at the very top of the viral chart.

A dozen or so babies, in playsuits and roller boots take to the park to show off their coolest roller skills to a soundtrack of "Rapper's Delight" by Dan The Automator. We see babies weaving in and out of Evian bottles, sliding down railings and, my favourite, synchronised leaping on to a metal fence. It's so sweet, and so clever. Watch it, do.

There's also a "Making of" vid that's well worth a watch.

Be prepared to get stuck on YouTube for a good half-hour or so at least, flicking through the related vids, from Baby MoonWalk to Baby Break Dance, and reading the thousands of viewer comments on which baby is the cutest.

Honestly, if you're having a difficult day this is a quick fire way to raise a smile. I'm booking the mum & baby roller-skating classes now!