11/03/2011 22:28 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Disney's Latest Film Tangled: ParentDish Review

Tangled: Parentdish review Tangled is the 50th animated film from the Disney studios, and is released in the UK later this month. It's a reworking of the tale of Rapunzel, the kidnapped princess who's shut away in a tower with only her long golden hair for company.

ParentDish was invited to a special preview of Disney's Tangled, along with a group of the UK's top mummy bloggers. The film kept an assorted bunch of under 10s enthralled throughout its 1 hour and 40 minute running time.

But don't make the mistake of assuming that because this is a film about a long haired princess that it's going to be a saccharin sweet girly movie. There's something for everyone, including scheming baddies, a cute, colour-changing chameleon called Pascal and a horse that thinks it's a dog.

There are a sprinkling of darker moments throughout the film, but these tend to swing back into comedy fairly quickly. Most children over 5 will be fine with these scenes of peril, but if your child is very sensitive then you might want to wait for the DVD. But do try to see this in the cinema if you can, since the use of 3D is really well done and worth seeing on the big screen.

The darker elements are along the same lines as the ones in films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or Beauty and the Beast. And like Toy Story 3, the ending may bring a tear to your eye. For its mix of memorable characters, songs, humour and outstanding visuals, Tangled deserves to be ranked among the Disney classics.

Tangled goes on nationwide release in the UK on 28th January. Here's a trailer to keep you going till then: