24/03/2011 09:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

12-Year-Old Girl Suffered Stroke After Burying Pet Hamster

pet hamster A devastated 12-year-old girl suffered a massive stroke after burying her dead pet hamster in the garden of her Gwent home.

Kayleigh Ward collapsed when she returned from the garden, after holding a 'funeral' for her beloved pet, Chip, shouting to her mum that she couldn't feel her leg.

An ambulance rushed to the youngster's home in Newport, Gwent, and took her to hospital in Cardiff, where doctors said a stroke had paralysed her.

Kayleigh's shocked Brazilian-born mum Libeca, 42, said: 'She shouted, 'I can't feel my left leg - I don't know what's happening.' It was really scary.'

Libeca told the Daily Mail Kayleigh had been 'terribly upset' over Chip's death.

After weeks of treatment, Kayleigh has been allowed to return to school, but her mum says she is not fully recovered:

'She can use her hand a little and is learning to walk again. She just wants to play with friends again.'

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