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17-Year-Old Weighs 40 STONE

17 year old weighs 14 stone Georgia Davis is 17 and she weighs a horrifying 40 stone, The Sun reports today.

At 15 she weighed 33 stone and was named by The Sun as 'Britain's fattest teen'.

At a US weight-loss camp she slimmed to 18st by the age of 16. But back home with her family on a diet of fish and chips, coke and cakes, she piled on the weight - and more.

Georgia, from Aberdare, South Wales said: "I've covered over the mirror in my bedroom, but there is one in the bathroom I have to look into each morning when I wash and brush my teeth and it makes me feel so sad.

"Sometimes the sadness makes me eat more, but sometimes I just cry."

The newspaper reports that after a nine-month stint at Wellspring – a US weight-loss camp with some of the world's leading childhood obesity experts – she found new-found confidence.

After a rigorous diet and exercise programme, she returned to Wales 15st lighter in June 2009 hoping to realise her dreams of going to college and having a boyfriend. But it appears her mum sabotaged her good intentions from the very first day.

Georgia said: "I'd been following a programme of healthy eating in the camp where I'd been living in North Carolina, America, and I'd learned to enjoy low-fat foods like salads, bagels, yoghurt and even buffalo meat.

"I was really looking forward to trying it all out back home but, when I arrived, my mum said she hadn't had time to prepare any healthy food so we had fish and chips instead. From that moment on, I had a niggling feeling that things weren't going to work out."

Georgia added: "I'd also learned to love exercise in America, using a gym and playing proper sports like tennis and basketball for the first time. But back home, it soon became obvious it wasn't going to be easy.

"The same facilities weren't available in Aberdare and I couldn't easily afford to join the local gym. I soon found I was becoming much less mobile, just like before."

Without the full support of her mum Lesley, 55, and stepdad Arthur – and with no long-term follow-up package from Wellspring or the NHS – Georgia's old habits quickly returned.

She went back to looking after her heart-patient mum – for whom she has been a registered carer since ten – and soon became a virtual recluse inside the family's cramped two-bed semi.

The newspaper reports that nowadays her only exercise involves aiming darts at a board from a chair placed in the hallway.

The strict 1,500-calorie-a-day intake that Wellspring nutritionists prescribed has long been replaced with comfort food of cake, chocs, crisps and endless loaves of bread – washed down with bottles of Coke.

Georgia is now a size 36. She said: "I'm finding getting in and out of bed very difficult at the moment so I usually get up around 10am. I usually just stay in my room and watch TV for an hour or so until I find the will to face the day.

"Breakfast is usually a bowl or two of cornflakes with two slices of toast and two glasses of Coke. After that, I usually try to help mum around the house, but I get very tired and out of breath quickly at the moment.

"I'm only managing to get out the house about once a week when I try to go to town on the bus. Of course people stare, but I don't care what they think any more – I'm used to it.

"We have fish and chips for lunch quite often and usually I eat two portions. Otherwise, it's sandwiches with six slices of bread and crisps.

"I find snacks harder to resist as the day goes on and I often eat two Snickers bars at a time. At night I eat a main meal, then more biscuits, crisps and chocolates as I get bored.

"Afterwards, I feel terrible as I know I'm letting myself down, but I don't even care what I look like. I'll just put on any clothes that fit me."

In addition to her food troubles, Georgia is continuing to smoke – a combination which could cause her Type 2 Diabetes to re-surface.

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