24/03/2011 09:05 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Banned: Teacher Forced Pupils To Wear Picture Of Child With Noose Around Neck

Teacher used noose picture to silence children A supply teacher who forced 'naughty' pupils to wear a picture of a child with a noose around the neck has been temporarily barred.

Ama Bankah worked at Shaw Primary School in South Ockendon, Essex and used the placard picture for 'behaviour management', she told her head teacher.

Her aim was to make pupils sit quietly, a General Teaching Council panel was told at a hearing in Birmingham.
The tribunal found Ms Bankah guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

They also decided she had brought the profession into disrepute and was not at present fit to be a registered teacher.

Officials said Ms Bankah, who had not attended the hearing, would be able to reapply to register as a teacher in 2013.

Ms Bankah had worked at the school between December 2007 and February 2008.

'Ms Bankah had explained that she had used the placard, showing a child with a noose around its neck, as a behaviour management technique in conjunction with a bell,' said the tribunal's written judgment.

'When the bell rang, every child was to be seated quietly, and any child who refused to listen would be 'caught' by the 'hangman', which was the name of the picture on the placard.'

The tribunal concluded that Ms Bankah's behaviour was potentially harmful to pupils.

'The committee... therefore decided to make a prohibition order, and to direct that Ms Bankah may be allowed to apply for eligibility for registration after a period of two years.'

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