24/03/2011 16:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Officer Escorts Couple To Maternity Unit Then Issues Speeding Fine

pregnant couple given speeding fine A police officer reportedly waited outside a maternity unit for a dad he had given a POLICE ESCORT to, and presented him with a SPEEDING fine!

The officer had previously escorted John Coughlin and his wife Angela through the streets of Manchester, New Jersey with the panicked mum screaming in the back seat in the advanced stages of labour.
Baby Kyle was born just six minutes after his parents dashed through the hospital doors.

When proud dad John emerged to phone relatives to share the happy news, the police officer appeared with a fine for driving at 102mph in a 55mph zone.

Astounded Mr Coughlin said: 'He said two things, "Good news, congratulations on your son, and bad news, I' ll see you in court''.

The events happened last September when Mrs Coughlin's waters broke and the couple made a dash for the hospital.

The officer spotted the car travelling at speeds of 100mph and tried to pull Mr Coughlin over. The worried dad-to-be phoned 911 and explained to the operator why he was speeding. The officer then escorted the Coughlins' car to the hospital, but waited outside to issue the penalty.

Officers maintain Mr Coughlin was driving 'dangerously.'

Major Russell Conte of New Hampshire State Police said:'By his own actions, he put himself, his wife, his unborn child and the motoring public in a very dangerous situation,'

The case goes to court next week.

Couple In labor receives speeding ticket:

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