24/03/2011 07:59 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Paedophile Fear Over Barbie Video Girl Toy

Barbie video girl doll The FBI has warned parents that a Barbie doll with a built in movie camera could be used by paedophiles to make and distribute child porn.

The Barbie Video Girl doll - which is up for a 2011 Toy of the Year Award - is on sale in the UK and the US, and has been popular amongst little girls since its launch in July.

The doll has a camera in her necklace.

The FBI issued a 'cyber crime alert' stating: 'FBI investigation has revealed instances where an individual convicted of distributing child pornography had given a Barbie doll to a six-year-old girl.'

The statement went on to say another investigation had found incidents of concealed cameras being used to record child abuse.

FBI agent Frederick Gutt said the specific incident did not involve the Barbie toy, but that the 'possible combination of the two in a single device presents concerns for investigators'.

Whilst there have been no recorded incidents of paedophiles using the Barbie Video Girl in crimes against children, the alert warned that 'Law enforcement is encouraged to be aware of unconventional avenues for possible production and possession of child pornography, such as the Barbie Video Girl.'

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