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ParentDish Reviews: Disney Wii Games, Monopoly Streets &Amp; Giraffe Cookbook

Disney Wii games
It's Christmas shopping time, and here's our latest round-up of reviews of products all the family will love

Latest Disney Wii games for boys and girls
Remeber the Disney-Pixar film Cars? Since its release in 2006, it's quietly gone on to sell over three billion pounds worth of merchandise. Yes I said billions. Wowsers. These are some popular cars. A sequel to Cars is due out next year, but in the meantime there's an animated spin-off series called Mater's Tall Tales. And it's this series which has inspired a new Wii game just released.

It contains around 30 mini-games in all, based around stories told by the Mater character. We enjoyed the customising the car and playing the driving games - like a much easier version of Mario Kart.

Suitable for boys aged around 5 and over, Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales is out now, RRP £24.99. Not many discounts around on this as it's guaranteed to be popular, though you can save a little and get it for £22.70 at Tesco Wii game

Disney Channel All Star Party Wii game

Also just released for Disney fans is the Disney Channel All Star Party, guaranteed to make tweenage girls squeak that weird squealing noise they're all so fond of. The game features seven popular shows including Hannah Montana and Camp Rock. Players choose which TV star to be, so if you've ever fancied having a water balloon fight with a Jonas Brother, now's your chance.

With 30 mini-games for up to four people to play, I can see this going down a storm at a sleepover party for girls aged 7 and over.

Disney Channel All Star Party is out now on Wii format, RRP £29.99. Best price right now is £23.79 at ChoicesUK.
Monopoly Streets

Monopoly Streets
With Monopoly celebrating its 75th birthday this year, there are several re-workings of this classic game around. We played the Wii version of the latest Monopoly video game, Monopoly Streets.It's still the basic game you'll recognise, but with an animated game and a wide range of boards to choose from. It has a lot of charm - playing this game put a smile on my face

The game also accesses any Mii firgures you've created, so you can see then walking around in the background as you're playing. The gameplay itself is very, very simple - most of the time you only need to push one button to roll the dice or buy a property. Suitable for all ages.

Monopoly Stree Giraffe family cook book ts is out now on all major games formats, RRP £29.99, currently with £5 off at Play

Giraffe cookery book
And if all that game playing has made you hungry, check out the new cookery book from family favourite restaurant chain Giraffe. All the favourites from the menu are here. Alas it doesn't come with those teeny plastic giraffes you get in the restaurant.

The emphasis is on healthy, simple meals, with 90 well-illustrated recipes. There's a good selection of vegetarian recipes, and a chapter devoted to fish. This would make a good gift for a family who love their grub.

The Giraffe Family Cookbook is out now, RRP £14.99, currently reduced to £9.09 at Amazon