30/03/2011 09:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Alternative Gifts To Easter Eggs

If you have a large or particularly generous family you can find yourself, come Easter Sunday, trying to calm down a sugar overloaded child.

And, at the risk of sounding like a bit of a party pooper, there feels something particularly wasteful about Easter eggs. All that packaging! All that money and they're hollow!

Instead, buck the trend and give a present this Easter that is different from the rest. Here's our list of alternative gifts.

  • Book tokens: These are by far my favourite gift to give to mine and other children at Easter. They're much appreciated too, long after the last egg has been scoffed.

  • Craft packs: I have been known to make these up for children. You can buy some large packets of feathers and other crafty bits and bobs from Baker Ross which can be broken down into smaller packets. Admittedly this is probably one for young girls.

  • Chickens: I don't mean for them, although you could, but buying a chicken via Oxfam gives a family in the developing world their own egg factory. Young children might not appreciate this gift but I've found older children and teenagers do.

  • Personalised tokens: Get out the card and felt tips and make a customised token which entitles the bearer to an outing such as a pizza out with mum or a trip to the cinema with dad. If you have more than one child they will love this special trip.

  • Gardening gift: Small people appreciate having their own sized metal tools and plants or seeds go down well. Boys seem to like venus fly traps or cactus while all love their own strawberry plant and the promise of all that brings.

  • Cooking kits: These don't have to be expensive. There are some wonderful children's cooking utensils which can be added to some packets of chocolate drops, coloured icing and hundreds and thousands along with the promise to bake with them. If you're feeling really creative it would be easy to write out a couple of their favourite recipes using words and pictures on small cards and have them laminated.

  • Easter egg making kit: This one is for those that can't bear not to give the traditional gift. Available from Lakeland, the kits come with instructions. There are even moulds to make chocolate bunnies on sticks. At least this way you know the ingredients.

Do you buy Easter eggs for your children or have you decided to give an alternative gift?