30/03/2011 06:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Does Your Child Need A Business Card?

Remember the olden days, when you wanted a friend to come round for tea – your mum would speak to their mum, and eventually you'd be bonding over a plate of Spag Bol.

But today that's all changed – first we had the linguistic aberration that is the word 'Playdate' . And now, instead of actually talking to your mates to arrange play time, children are being encouraged to hand out special business cards instead.

Yes PlayDate cards are the latest thing for the child with just too many friends to fit into their social calendar. And they've been given the Mumsnet seal of approval, as the parenting site is currently offering a 10% discount on packs of these cards.

For just £8.93, you get 25 cards printed with a design of your choice on one side and the legend 'I'd Love You To Come To Play' on the other. The site trills that this is the solution to juggling your child's busy social life.

Are you sure about that one, Mumsnetters?
Here's a radical alternative: Ask one of their pals to come round and play with your child. Use your mouth, it's free. If you need to note the details, use your mobile phone or Ye Olde Scrappe of Paper. Spend the £8.93 on wine to restore your sanity after your little visitors wreck the house.

A quick Google reveals that these mini-business cards are all the rage in the US. Since we have adopted the American word Playdate, will we be adopting the Playdate Card just as easily?

What do you think? How do you organise play dates? Do you need special business cards to manage your child's social life?