30/03/2011 10:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

ParentView: How To Train Your Dragon Wii Game

We've looked at various film-themed games here on ParentDish - from the Toy Story Game to the Princess and the Frog. Now the film that your children are no doubt begging you to take them to over the Easter holidays also has its own game – How To Train Your Dragon has come to Wii.

Sometimes game adaptations of things that started life as something else can be kind of awkward. However, this tale started life as a book, and so should be well suited to the progressively unfolding nature of a game. Though as it turns out, the game story is more inspired by the film rather than directly following it. It will make most sense to children who've seen the film, though that's not essential.

Players choose to be either Hiccup or Astrid, as they become the dragon trainer of the title and compete to become the ultimate Dragon Master. Dragons can also be customised, as players build their ideal pet by chosing wings, colours etc.

Through a series of mini-games, dragons can be improved, and new elements are unlocked. Eventually your dragon will be ready to do battle.

The battling elements would seem to be what lends this film a rating as suitable for 7+ (the film is rated PG). My son who's nearly seven enjoyed playing it with his friends in the two-player mode, and though there was play fighting it didn't seem to bring out too much aggression amongst the players. Sometimes battle games can leave players overly hyped up (really not what you want as a parent), but that did not seem to be the case with this game. They played it, enjoyed it, but weren't fighting the cat afterwards. Phew.

Perhaps the fact that some of the game involves nurturing and creating your dragon means that there is enough to appeal to all aspects of a child's personality, not just the bit that likes a scrap. The games themselves are fairly simplistic and are probably best suited to younger players.

I've read a few reviews of this game from adult players who've been less than impressed, but I have to say that the little boys I played it with enjoyed it very much and give this dragon tamer two thumbs up.

How to Train Your Dragon is widely available now in all the usual games formats, RRP £39.99