30/03/2011 06:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Would You Pay To Send A Teddy Bear On Holiday?

You know, Teddy's been looking a little run down lately. I think I'll send him on a holiday. He's been busy giving cuddles, and it's been a real social whirl with all those picnics to attend. He deserves a break. It'll cost, but I think he needs it more than I do.

And as luck would have it, a travel company is offering just that - thanks to Teddy Tours Lapland, tired teddy bears and stressed out soft toys can now leave their troubles behind for a whirlwind tour of northern Finland, including a visit to Father Christmas.

You read that right: This is strictly a trip for toys only - teddy owners have to stay at home.

The expedition is billed as "a trip that you and your cuddly friend will definitely remember for years to come," and offers a choice of either standard or luxury journeys for Teddy, all led by a professional tour guide.

And sorry, but no matter how much your child wants to accompany his stuffed friend, the company's website notes, "people or living pets may not participate on these trips."

The Standard Journey, which costs approximately £95, features a hotel stay in the town of Rovaniemi and a tour of the town's top sites, including the library, town hall and theatre.

Then, it's on to Santa Claus Village, where Teddy visits the Santa Claus Main Post Office to send a postcard home to his owner before crossing the Arctic Circle - for which, you'll be cheered to hear, he receives an award certificate. At the end of the journey, Teddy visits the Santa Claus Office, where he meets with Father Christmas for a photograph, and receives a special gift to take home.

For about £35 more, more discerning teds can embark on the Luxury Journey. This includes a winter trip to the Arctic Circle Reindeer Farm to feed Santa's reindeer, and a snowmobile safari offering ice fishing on the frozen waterway and hot chocolate by the campfire. In the summer, the extras include a scenic horseback ride, lunch by the campfire and berry picking in season. Teddy really does know how to enjoy himself.

According to Teddy Tours, every moment of the bear's visit is ceremoniously photographed and filmed, so he will return home with a stack of holiday photos and videos to share with the family. Well, that makes it entirely worth it, I think I'll book in all our toys. Let's hope they remember to come back.

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