13/04/2011 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chuckle Vision: Watch These Laughing Babies

What makes you laugh out loud? Perhaps it's your favourite comedian, your best friend or even an episode of Total Wipeout. Well, whatever it is it can't be as simple as the things babies discover to laugh at. Remember when life was that easy? Let us refresh your memory with these cheeky chucklers from across the globe.

1. Here's our fall-about-laughing toddler, his cute little giggle is the result of being presented with some hugely comic material - torn up newspaper! When you're one, literally anything is amusing. Ah, those were the days.

2. You may have seen this little chap before, as it's one of our favourite videos. If you missed it take a look. Apparently laughter sounds the same in German too!

3. We've not idea what this little one is laughing about, but it's a good hearty laugh that is mighty infectious.

4. What makes you fall about laughing? Frank Skinner, Gavin & Stacey? Well for this baby all it takes is a simple "Ah choo".

5. Beware all those who are feeling in the slightest bit broody, these giggling twins are adorable.

6. Gkandel who posted this video on You Tube says that Morgan laugh is like no other. See if you agree...

7. This little baby's laugh is so infectious, and all it takes to make him happy is his mum blowing through her lips. Take a look.

8. Did we save the best for last? We think so, this babies hearty laugh will brighten up anyone's day.