13/04/2011 17:19 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Clinic Performs Drastic Weight-Loss Surgery On Teens

A new clinic has opened in the USA, which has caused controversy by running a gastric surgery program designed specifically to treat obese teenagers.

Whilst many doctors would refuse to perform the bariatric surgical procedure on patients so young, Dr. Michael A. Snyder, surgeon and director of The Rose Medical Centre, defends the program.

"Being a teen with bariatric surgery is very difficult," he says. "Being a morbidly obese teen is a total nightmare."

It has been well documented over the past few years that the rise in childhood obesity is causing serious damage to the health of under 18-year-olds.

In the UK around 27 of its original size.

The surgery costs around $9,500 dollars but can be dramatically effective, in some cases reversing the patient's Type 2 diabetes.

Many doctors find resorting to life-changing surgery on young patients is too drastic and unnecessary.

Dr. Wendy Scinta, a pediatric bariatrician who runs a medical weight loss clinic for children and teens, says she is "disgusted" by the trend of operating on young patients adding ,"In children, it's still considered experimental."

Do you think surgery on teens an acceptable way to treat obesity, or are they too young to commit to such a major procedure? Is gastric surgery even necessary or should diet and exercise be the only way to achieve weight-loss?