13/04/2011 16:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Turns Lunchboxes Into Edible Art

A recent survey from Leeds University claimed that many children's lunchboxes are packed with junk food. But is this doing a disservice to parents? Many of us who make daily lunchboxes for our children do make an effort to fill them with nutritious food. However, for any busy parent, it can be hard to plan a healthy lunchbox. Sometimes the most you can do is find an unbruised apple in the fruit bowl.

So take a look at this dad from Nebraska, USA, who spends hours turning the contents of his son's lunchbox into edible art. Competitive parents may wish to look away. This guy's setting the bar way too high for the rest of us:

Kai Wilken, 35, from Omaha, spends hours each day thinking about what his five-year-old son, Laddie, will have in his lunchbox. As he told ABC News on Campus, the planning process starts the night before: "Most often it does start with a sketch... It starts with a character I have in mind, or a scene that I have in mind."

And then the next day, Laddie finds Batman or another comic book hero, made out of vegetables, fruit and meat, inside his lunch box.

Wilken says the creations are born of love: "I hope he remembers that even though we're not there with him eating, we're still there for him."

Source [ParentDish US]

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