13/04/2011 13:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is This Bad Parenting? You Decide...

A toddler gets stuck behind a sofa - and instead of rushing to his aid, his parents make a film of him and put it on YouTube.

The parents are now coming under fire after the video went viral on Facebook.

People have been calling them cruel and "sick" for their behaviour.

Tom Henderson, writing on ParentDishUS, says: "What are we teaching our children by laughing at their pain and misfortune? For one thing, we're teaching them to laugh at pain and misfortune."

Have a look at the video yourself and see what you think.

I'm not sure this is terribly cruel. Yes, it's a bit mean, but the mother is not mocking the child badly, she's merely asking him why he went behind there in the first place. When he starts to get upset, they get him out. I don't think it's massively funny, but it's not that bad.

But some commenters don't agree. One says: "This is horrific! These people should be at least educated in what it means to emotionally abuse a child.

"They were emotionally abusing their child and then posting it as if they did nothing wrong! How sick is that?! I could only watch a few seconds of it before it made me sick to my stomach."

However another sees nothing wrong and says: "In the years to come I feel this little boy will see this and have a good laugh himself."

I don't think it's much worse than videoing your kids doing something "cute" which will also be acutely embarrassing for them to watch when they're teenagers.

And it's not like this is anything new. What about all those photos our parents took of us in the bath, or dressed up as Christmas puddings? Or those basin haircuts they used to give us?

Some parents do go too far. There's one little boy who was filmed recovering from an anaesthetic after a visit to the dentist. I'm not sure that's funny.

Filming children in serious pain is definitely not funny. There's one video doing the rounds of a girl making a video puppet show when a closet door falls on her head. Some commenters think this is hilarious. I don't think so.

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with this video?

Source: ParentDishUS