TV Host Kisses Children: Acceptable Or Not?

TV Host Kisses Children: Acceptable Or Not?

The latest jaw-dropping video being forwarded to an inbox near you, takes weirdness into an all new dimension. It's a montage of former Canadian game show host Fergie Olver forcing kisses on to little girls appearing on his programme.

Olver was the host of a Canadian game show called Just Like Mom.According to, the show was on air from 1980 to 1987 and featured mothers and daughters answering questions separately. Points were awarded for matching answers. Olver hosted the show with his then-wife Catherine Swing, who was Miss Canada 1978, according to IMDB. They are now divorced

Sounds harmless enough, and somewhat cute – kind of like Mr and Mrs except with mothers and daughters. The creepy part is that Olver, a former sports broadcaster, is REALLY enthusiastic when it comes to kissing the kids. And he doesn't take no for an answer: As Olver himself puts it, "The mothers are always so easy to kiss ... it's the kids!" An offscreen voice is heard to comment "Dirty old man".

Take a look and see what you think – amusing historical clip, or super creepy?

In some ways I think this clip shows how much times have changed. These days adults are often hesitant to get too physically close to children who aren't their own, but in the 1980's it was OK to do it on national television. As a parent watching these clips now, I found them profoundly uncomfortable. You can seen those little girls squirming away when faced with a grown up who won't take no for an answer. It seems astonishing to note that it was OK to do this, and broadcast it, not so long ago

Of course, to be fair to Olver, these clips have been taken out of context from a long running series. He has now been the subject of wild accusations on the internet, based on this clip.

What do you think? Is this super creepy? Or no big deal? Leave a comment below

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