25/04/2011 19:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

All OK, Mum: Unborn Baby Gives Mother Thumbs-Up In Scan

Unborn baby gives mum thumbs up in scan A mother-to-be who was worried about her unborn baby was reassured when she had a hospital scan - the scan photographs showed her entirely healthy baby giving the thumbs-up!

Expectant mother Donna Sayer, 29, had two scans at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury but was recalled for a third scan at 22 weeks because there were concerns over the size of her baby's head.

She and her partner Simon Briscoe were relieved when the third scan showed her baby was developing normally and there were no medical concerns.

Ms Sayer, who is food and beverage manager at Kent County Cricket Club, said today: 'After checking everything was okay. the nurse said she would try to get some more photographs of the baby.

'But it was hiding and all she could get was its hand giving the thumbs-up as if it was trying to tell us that everything was fine. The image was quite clear.

'We had both been concerned during the two weeks before I had the third scan, but everything is okay. We have shown the photograph to family and friends. They all think it is quite apt.'

Donna, from Whitstable, who is due to give birth in May, added: 'Everyone who has seen the picture has been astonished.'

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