26/04/2011 09:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Yogi Bear The Movie: ParentDish Review

Classic cartoon Yogi Bear has been remade as a combined live action/animated film, and it's about to hit UK cinema screens. Dan Aykroyd voices Yogi, and Justin Timberlake is virtually unrecognisable at the nasal-voiced Boo Boo. Here's a taste of the action:

The film REALLY makes full use of the 3D format, with everything from water, popcorn to bogey-shaped bugs appearing to fly out of the screen at the audience. The plot is typical classic Yogi fare, with pic-a-nic basket larceny, skirmishes with the park ranger and a baddy who wants to shut down Jellystone Park all in the mix. There's a romantic sub-plot that's so cheesy you can practically smell the eau de fromage driftng through the cinema.

Whilst it's not the world's funniest film, Yogi Bear does have a certain charm, and the children I saw it with enjoyed it very much. The unsophisticated humour involves a lot of falling over, getting bashed in the face and baked bean-induced flatulence gags. Smarter than the average film? I don't think so. Whilst I was moved to tears by the end of Disney's Tangled, by the end of Yogi Bear, I was only moved to check my watch. And that's not a good sign when a film's only 80 minutes long. Still, the kids liked it, so for its intended audience, it's a hit.

Yogi Bear
is released in the UK on the 11th February in 3D and 2D formats. Certificate U, suitable for all ages. Bring your own pic-a-nic basket

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